Both NXT and WWE are interesting brands to watch. However, if you consider both sports, you’ll notice a huge difference. To help you out, here are some of the major differences between NXT and WWE:


NXT sponsors are the ones that watch over its content. There are foreign countries that air NXT show weekly, but in the real sense, this is a game in its own league. There no rules to be followed and no restrictions as well.

WWE Sponsors are very many and to name just a few, there is NBC Universal, Fortune 500, and other major corporations. Every action that goes on in WWE is about money and nothing else. Some things will happen in a show but as long as the sponsors are happy, the organizers do not care if the fans are pissed off. WWE’s leader McMohan can do what he wants but he is not untouchable as he is answerable to the sponsors.

Live Specials

NXT live events are organized and predetermined. Whatever happens in between, the participants know their next course as everything is very organized. Not even an injury can alter an NXT live special. The show will air for a specific duration which is usually one hour.

For WWE live events, the shows are random and at times, they don’t make sense. The participants do not know what to expect in the next match. They could be told to get into a random match or even engage in a promo. Whatever the organizers plan for that day, no one can change or refuse to take part. The show could go on for up to 4 hours.


NXT schedules are well organized and most of their shows are pre-recorded. With this, it is possible to edit the shows and make them more organized. Everything that is not relevant or the bits that were not well captured is deleted and all the problems are fixed before the airing.

WWE schedules for Live Raw or Live Smackdown are aired weekly and are not pre-edited. If anything goes wrong in the show, there will be no room to rectify and the fans are the one that bears it all. This means things will most likely go wrong at times as far as WWE is concerned.